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The easiest adjustable system to ensure the perfect fit of a wooden saddletree

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It’s not a secret that the horse’s condition can change rapidly, due to seasons, training, diet, age and/or illness.

With TreeClix, your saddlefitter is able to make the saddle change with the condition of the horse and ensure a proper fit, without risking serious damage to your horse and/or saddle.

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Ever since I started working as a saddle fitter in 2010, my goal was finding the best solution for every horse-rider combination.Throughout the years I found that a lot of saddles were fitted too wide to the horse, causing serious problems to the horse.

Another problem is when fitting saddles to narrow horses, using the correct tree width, the head of the saddle will be narrow as well lacking space between the panels for enough clearance. Again, the horse is suffering.
By using TreeClix I can now address both of these problems; very precise width adjustment in an instant, and ensuring enough space in the head of the saddle and between the panels.
Can’t imagine working without it anymore…


What a bliss! Every time my saddle fitter adjusts my saddle with the TreeClix system, my saddle feels as perfect as it did when I first got it. It was made to measure but my horse changes throughout the year and she doesn’t accept correctional pads. Normally she would show more grumpy in winter and have wear marks/bald spots under the backside of my saddle, but ever since my fitter uses TreeClix; no more!

Karin Sterrenburg Rider
Karin Sterrenburg